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Trix = 64 ?64, flip angle = 90 ). A T2weighted structural image was acquired coplanar with the functional images (TR = 5000 ms, TE = 34 ms, 4 mm slice thickness/no gap, FOV = 19.2 cm, matrix = 128 ?128, flip angle = 90 ). All images were scalped using the Brain Extraction Tool of FSL (FMRIB Software Library; Oxford University, Oxford, UK) and realigned within runs using MCFLIRT. Images were then c
Ants saw nine different block varieties: satisfied watch, sad watch, anxiousness watch, pleased empathize, sad empathize, anxiousness empathize, satisfied memorize, sad memorize, and anxiousness memorize.Frontiers in Human Neurosciencewww.frontiersin.orgMay 2013 | Volume 7 | Post 160 |Morelli and LiebermanAutomaticity and interest through empathyBlocks have been equated across instruction variety
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An, 2007; Fan and Han, 2008; Rameson et al., 2012). Nonetheless, Rameson et al. (2012) also observed that these men and women highest in trait empathy showed no reductions, neurally or experientially, below load. Moreover, Fan and Han (2008) demonstrated that an early element of empathic neural responses is unaffected by cognitive load, whereas a later component of empathic neural responses is dam
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